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7:00am Registration & Early Morning Refreshments & Networking

8:45am Opening Remarks by Chairperson

9:00am Overview of UAS Technology, Legislation and the Regulatory Framework

10:00am The Pillars of Success for Commercial UAS Business

11:00am Refreshments and Networking

Drones in the Mining Industry
• Sight Mapping
• Assessing Stockpiles
• UAS for Mining Conglomerates
• Automated Missions

Precision Agriculture
• Next generation farming with drone technology
• Connecting UAS data to farming operations

11:30am To own or hire a drone? Farmers perspectives

Utilities and Inspection
• Cell Tower Inspections
• Monitoring Powerlines
• Data Processing and Utilisation

Drones in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure
• Bridge Inspections
• Road and Rail Inspections
• Construction
• UAV Technology for Construction

13:00pm Networking Lunch

14:00pm Incorporating UAS into Law enforcement, Security and Emergency Response Services
• Accident Investigation

15:00pm Insurance and Risk Management
• Insurance for Commercial Drone Operations

16:00pm Networking and Closing

7:00am Refreshments and Networking

8:30am Remarks by Chairperson

8:45am Unpacking the value of data gathered using drone technology
• Integrating UAS data into the rest of the business system
• Data Processing

9:45am Breakthrough technologies Reshaping Unmanned Aircraft Systems

11:00am Refreshments and Networking

Remote Sensing, GIS and Survey Mapping
• Lidar Scanning
• GPS Accuracy in Expanding Surveying Capabilities
• Lidar or Photogrammetry: A Comparison

11:30am Pilot Training and Safe Operations
• Ethical and regulatory considerations
• Safe piloting

Drones in Fleet Management
• Drone Telematics

Dronalism, Film and Photography: Drones and Media

13:00pm Networking Lunch

14:00pm No Road? There is a drone for that: Drones as Delivery Vehicles in Health Provision

15:00pm The future of Drones in Emerging Markets
• Challenges and Opportunities
• Drones Start-ups

16:00pm Networking and Closing